Platinum Homes now specialise in Adaptive Living for existing and new homes.

Adaptive living is creating safer, accessible and comfortable homes for you and your family, every day at all stages of your live.

A house should be a home…
not your personal confinement.

There should be easy access to ALL of it…
not just a room.

It should be a place of independence and freedom.

We’ll show you the simple way to make a home what it should be … no matter what the circumstances.

There ARE options.

We can deliver.

We can look at residential and commercial properties and we can look at your individual needs.

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Elderly, disabled and couples with families

should be living in a home that has been designed to suit their life and circumstances… rather than adapting to the home they find themselves in.

Benefits of Adaptive Living

Families with young children

  • Easier when maneuvering prams

  • Removing trip hazards

Providing disabled with

  • Mobility

  • Safety

  • Accessibility

  • Space

Ageing baby boomers

  • Accommodating future needs

  • Understanding pressing concerns

Enhancements can include

  • Paths

  • Wider areas

  • Fixtures

  • Flooring

  • Bathrooms and toilet areas

Our Adaptive Living Plans

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