The age when a couple of speakers and a decent enough TV set were all an AV enthusiast needed to be satisfied is long gone! As the technology has advanced over the years, so have the prices of cutting-edge TVs and audio equipment, offering a true heaven for any AV aficionado. Here’s what you need to satisfy your entertainment needs of a thorough audio-visual enthusiast.


First things first, you’ll want a true movie theater experience within your home. Turning your phone off and dimming the room, however, isn’t nearly enough for providing your home with a genuine cinema experience. Although a large HD television set goes without saying, things have gotten significantly more complicated now.

As the 720p has turned into 1080p and 1080p into 2k, the 4k is slowly getting ready for its time in the sun. In order to achieve that full-on “videophile” experience, you should be aiming at getting a smart, 4k ready TV that will allow you to watch TV, movies, play video games and connect it to your desktop computer. Additionally, look into the latest OLED technology, which uses self-illuminated pixels, thus allowing for the ‘true black’, as opposed to dimming the pixel lights we’re used to seeing in LCD technology.


Speaker sets transcend the world of music, even though it does play a vital part in getting a quality set of speakers. Although the latest innovations in television sets do come with decent integrated speakers, this isn’t enough for a full-on entertainment room experience.

Aim for getting a standalone audio system. A 5.1 surround system with twin-driver subwoofer and a 220W amp is something you should be aiming at, but consider getting Monitor Audio MASS – it is a gadget that offers three different bass modes (Music, Movie and Impact) and a beautiful sound quality able to fill your entertainment room with detailed audio.


If you are want a full-on cinema experience, there are many quality projectors to look into. If you are looking at getting a budgetary solution here, in addition to the top-end HDTV smart set, we recommend that you give this up – if you want a beautiful experience, either opt for a TV or for looking at a movie screen.

The compromise here that we advise you to choose is opting for a proper mount, as this will create that desired movie theater vibe that you are craving, but allowing for a clearer, yet smaller picture, advise Brisbane’s TV wall mounting pros. If you want the 4k, go with a television set, but if 1080p still satisfies your needs, look into some quality projectors.


Investing into quality and comfy seats is no less important than obtaining a solid AV experience. If you’ve already went on a shopping spree in terms of tech equipment, digging a bit deeper into your pocket for obtaining comfortable seating is a smart way to go. Alternatively, get two cozy armchairs and work from there – after you’ve saved up some more money, go and buy more, there is no reason to disregard the importance of comfort within an entertainment room.

Wall Paint

Go dark here. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you should paint your walls completely black – dark green, dark blue and dark grey will also work perfectly with your viewing experience. Finally, find a way to properly block sunlight for your daily viewing sessions and you’re good to go!

We are sure that, as an AV aficionado, you’ll look into the tiniest of details when obtaining your home entertainment gear. Make sure that you take your time looking at online reviews and opt for the latest trends in technology – if you go for the budgetary solution, you’ll get the itch to upgrade in a couple of years’ time.