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At Platinum Home Builders, we welcome guest blogs to submit your best work to us, but before submitting, please do take the time to read the guidelines below, otherwise it simply won't be published!

  • Guest Posts must be a minimum of 500 words. The more words and quality content will get more shares and comments so feel free to submit longer posts.
  • They must be unique to our site - they cannot be submitted anywhere else including your own site.
  • We don't expect you to be a professional writer or copywriter, as we are not! We are looking for quality posts that provide our readers with great value.
  • Please take a look at our categories and provide content that is relevant to what we are about - for example: building tips, home creative idea's, how too etc
  • Please do not make your posts sound like a sales pitch or press release.
  • No links are allowed in your main content, please add this to your Expert Bio.
  • Platinum Home Builders receives comments on a regular basis and it's important that you take the time to respond to all comments. If you're looking to guest post purely as an SEO tactic and don't wish to respond/engage please look at alternative sites to submit your guest blog.
  • You can add an image if it is Royalty free and attributed to the photographer/designer or your created it yourself!
  • Platinum Home Builders are a loyal bunch who love learning about New homes, gardening tips, cleaning idea's, home how to tasks, solar and energy idea's and basically anything to do with the HOME!
    Please ensure your content is relevant to our site. If you have topics on website designing, development, traffic generation, online marketing, affiliate marketing and social media and you can submit your post to our other site Click Here or if you have topics on Business consulting, business development, team development, sales and marketing, youth learning programs and personal development, please submit your post Click Here

Please remember to add your Expert Bio and your email.
If you would like an image added to your post, please email it to us at: info@platinumhomebuilders.com.au

Please note due the high volume of requests we receive we cannot personally respond if your guest blog does not meet the above guidelines and is not published.

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Before submitting your guest blog post please ensure you take the time to read our guidelines first.

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