4 Simple Steps to a Clean Shower

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1.  Begin by tidying the shower, and preparing for it to be cleaned. Cleaning a shower is as much about knowing what you are doing in advance as it is applying the ideas. Many people will simply wipe the shower down as a part of their domestic cleaning, but in fact, it is important to deep clean the shower if you are going to keep it properly free of mold and limescale.

If this sounds a little much, you may well find that hiring a professional domestic cleaner is a better idea for a monthly clean. You don’t need to go in too hard on the shower too often, so this will be fine, and means that you don’t have to worry about it, leaving it all to a contract cleaner. However, if you are indeed serious about doing this yourself, then it is all about preparation. Having tidied the shower, take the bottles of product that get left in there and throw any empties away, ensuring that you have consulted the owners of course! Wipe down all of those bottles that may be spilled or covered in the contents, as this is a key source of soap scum and general mess in the shower itself.

2.  Once the contents of the shower are removed, then you should attack the hardest parts of the dirt first. Take the shower head off and if it is covered in limescale or any other sort of build up, then you need to get rid of it. The best way to do this is to place the whole thing in a basin of vinegar overnight. This may mean doing it right before you go to bed, and getting up to put it back in place before everyone else wants a shower! However, the acid in the vinegar will easily eat through the residue, leaving your shower head completely free of it. This will de-clog the inner workings as well, giving you the right pressure. The metal within the shower that can not be removed will need to be cleaned with a similar acid, but you will not be able to leave it over night. Try applying the acid and wrapping it in cling film for a while, to ensure that the acid stays in place for a little longer than it would had it just dripped off. Use the rough side of a sponge, or steel wool if the surface is safe to do so.

3.  You will find that at this point you can clean the white surfaces of the shower, which will likely have been affected by soap scum. Many people use cream cleaner for that, but it is often just as good to use washing up liquid. The degreasing effect that the PH neutral soap in washing up liquid has is excellent for getting through grubby marks, and ensuring that you are able to wipe it away easily, rather than scrubbing for ages. Make up a froth of it in the bottom of the shower, and wipe down all surfaces with a sponge. Rinse off the residue soap with the shower head, and it should be sparkling!

4.  The final stage is to wipe down the glass if you have any in your shower. To get a drip free result, use a squeegee for the job, as it removes all water form the surface, leaving it streak free. Having sorted all of this, simply replace the bottles and enjoy your beautifully clean shower!


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