We usually don’t notice changes that are slowly happening in front of our eyes. One of the prime examples of such situation are all the small and insignificant failures, malfunctions, stains, and damages that pop up in our hoses on daily basis. Although such changes are barely noticeable, they tend to pile up rather fast, and before you know, your house is in dire need of thorough renovation. Fortunately, even if necessary interventions amounted to something that threatens to become very expensive endeavor, you can find a way out of this maze even on a budget.

Starting with Basics

Let us start from the ground up. Because your wooden floors are so exposed to traffic and damage, chances are that they will be in the need of renovation the most. Your doors and windows are in similar situation. Because you are operating with very limited resources, replacing all of them is out of the question. Your best alternative is to give them a decent sanding and dark paintjob to hide all the small damages. Applying the protective epoxy coating will delay future interventions for quite some time.

Refreshing the Walls

The fact that your worn-out walls and ceilings can be dealt either by painting them or by applying the wallpapers doesn’t mean that you can’t save some money along the way. First and foremost, these are very easy tasks; there is no need to hire someone to deal with them instead of you. Second, you can ask your friends and family for the leftover paint from their renovation projects. People tend to keep large quantities in their basements.

The Question of Furniture

You can deal with majority of furniture damages with sandpaper/paint coating combo. If you are striving for the “vintage look” you can even leave the things as they are, and enforce the worn-out look. Alternatively, you can use this chance to work out your DIY muscles and create interesting furniture pieces from everyday stuff. If you are to buy new furniture, buy unfinished pieces. Putting them together will cost you very little labor, and it can save you a lot of money.

Solving the Bathroom Problem

Leaky faucets, faulty fixtures, and malfunctioning vent system, are easy to be dealt with. Just replace them. Refreshing the tiles is another move that is not so outrageously expensive as well as changing the lighting. For the very nature of some larger bathroom fixtures and the plumbing layout of your house, everything beyond that will demand that you break the piggy-bank. Still, you can come out as a winner even out of this situation if you wait until you gather all the necessary money and avoid paying methods that will cost you more in the long run. In addition, bathroom renovation will have direct impact on your property value.

Enter the Kitchen

Your kitchen has the highest per-square footage price in your house, but its renovation can be pulled off with similar methods as with any other room. Painting the walls and refurbishing the furniture will give it a fresh look. If you need some new addition, you can move in some old pieces that became superfluous after you’ve taken care for the rest of the house. Resorting to flea markets and buying well-preserved, used fixtures is another great method of acquiring some really stunning items for a bargain price.

In an ideal world you would solve these kinds of problems, along the way, as they show up. Unfortunately, few of us do that. With the things as they are, all you can do is to try your best to refresh your house at once without spending too excessive amounts of money. Follow the tips we gave you,