Don’t you feel that leaving your backyard as an unused space occupied only by weed and stuff you want out of sight is a waste of perfectly good space? You should be, because with just a little bit of effort, and few smart ideas, your backyard can become your private little paradise, where you and your family will want to spend majority of free time. Possibilities are literary endless, but we will give you a few hints, just to set you on the right track. Get ready, here we go.

  1. Backyard Cinema

Are you tired of annoying moviegoers that always ruin your cinema experience? If you are, it’s time to make your own cinema. Start by mowing the area where your cinema will be and digging the small trenches for the PVC cable pipes if it’s going to be more permanent installation. Find some sort of screen where movie will be projected, buy projector with fairly high lumen output and reasonable resolution and 2.0 sound system, and voila, your open-air cinema will be ready for use.

Backyard 2

  1. Perfect Shade Solution

Your movie experience will be, however, easily ruined with sudden rain or too bright sun. Eliminate that problem by installing some shade solution. Shade sails, for example, are easy to install, affordable, and very durable. If you are, on the other side, aiming for some more organic look, you can always opt for pergola. You don’t even have to spend too much money, building a pergola usually doesn’t go beyond usual DIY territory.

  1. Pet-Shelter

There is no denying that pets wandering freely around the backyard are the invitation for troubles, but you don’t want to make them unhappy by restraining their movement too much either. We might just have a solution for you and that is a full-blown fenced container shelter, which will give them enough space to play around and keep the more “fragile” things out of their reach. You can be really creative while designing one, so make it fun, both for kids and for pets as well.

Backyard 3

  1. Obscured Sitting Area

What remains of your backyard, after these ambitious architecture undertakings are over, should be dedicated to your lazy afternoons. Install some cozy sitting area and obscure it from curious eyes with a pleasant green screen. This can be easily achieved with potted plants which can be turned into permanent structure, or they can be raised on the casters in order to be more mobile. All you have to do now is to add some small fountain that will nourish your ears with pleasant sound of water, and you will have your perfectly private backyard corner.

  1. Let There be Light!

Having an artificial source of light is not that ingenious at all, but the way how you will achieve it can be and there are dozens of creative and cheap ways to do something interesting. Hanging candles in the jar, Christmas lights packed in colorful paper bags, painters planted with glow-in-the dark sprays, you name it. You can even shake things up a little bit every now and then and combine ambiance lighting with your cinema’s repertoire to create powerful experience for you and your friends.

We hope that we provided you with few useful ideas, and gave birth to myriads of new ones that will suit your very own backyard. What’s the most important for you now is to unleash imagination, don’t be afraid of trying and we are sure you will end up with something creative, fun, and yes, ingenious.