Granite counter tops are extensively used by people. It works as a useful surface and it also adds beauty to the home decor. Granite counter tops are the right choice for giving a different yet trendy look to the kitchen and bathrooms. However, people should be careful while choosing the granite slabs to be installed, and proper maintenance is one of the key factors for a nice and beautiful granite counter tops.

The demand of the granite counter tops is so high that there are several granite counter tops installation service providers in the market who offer their service to the consumers. Contrary to this, many people love to install the granite counter tops all by themselves. All they have to do is to follow certain rules and regulations while placing the counter tops.

Here are the Steps to be followed:

1. Planning

Before opting for the granite counter tops installation, people should make a coherent plan that calls for attention to detail and minute matters related to the counter tops installation. Without being hasty in this important task, the clients should take some time to think and plan for a better installation. The internet is there to know about all the possible ways of installing the granite counter tops, and the details on how to maintain the stone fabrication and stuff like that. They can also acquire the knowledge about the cost of installing it, and after that they can estimate their budget accordingly. Always remember a key point; time spent here is a lot of time saved while doing this task.

2. Measurement

After a proper session of planning it is time to take correct measurement for installing the granite slab. The measurement of the cabinet where the counter tops will be placed should be done accurately and efficiently. Clients should ensure that the base cabinet should have the capacity of carrying the granite slabs when installing it in the kitchen and bathroom.

3. Edge design

Client should need to decide what kinds of edge of the slabs they want; there could be diverse kinds of edge with various designs. The designs should be in accordance with the usage and the surrounding décor of the room. Clients can see the possible edge designs on internet or on any catalogue and borrow the idea of edge designing.

4. Texture

A suitable and appropriate texture should be chosen. The counter tops look good if the texture of the granite is coordinated with the surrounding surface. Anyone can see the available texture of the granite in the market. The choice should be made after checking the various samples.

5. Color

The color of the stones can be decided too. Clients can choose the color that they will find good and perfect for their counter tops. They can form the idea of possible colors of granite, either by online or by consulting with the granite suppliers. Right color can add another dimension and desired looks wherever the slabs are to be placed.

6. Order

After the selection of color and texture and size of the granites, this is the time to explain the requirements to the supplier and order the desired material. Clients can order online or by contacting them over the phone. Some opt for ordering through e mails. It depends on your locality and options at hand.

7. Final installation

These are heavy and it is not possible for one to lift it, so a proper care and manpower should be used for this purpose. The foundation of the stone counter tops can be cemented and after the completion of granite counter tops installation the edge of the slab should be shaped accordingly. The granite sealer should be applied at the end of the stone to prevent stains on the surface.

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