A staircase is an important part of the house. Its main function is to aid you to get into other places of the home. It works as a linking tool from one floor to another especially to those floors located at the upper levels. Aside from the practical use of the staircase, it also provides an impressive style factor to the entire design of the home. There are many different types of staircases available out there yet you have to be careful when selecting which type of staircase to use because not only is it challenging and costly to build one, it is also a waste of materials when you try to create one and end up realizing that it’s not the perfect fit for your needs and that of the rest of your family’s.

If you are still in the planning process for your own house, you may find these tips helpful in selecting the kind of staircase that will suit your house and lifestyle best.


A determining aspect that one needs to look into when selecting a staircase design is the budget. Setting a budget is important as various types of staircases are set at different price range. When you set a budget for this project, you will be able to narrow down your choices more quickly. In order to get a good idea of how much amount you may need to spend, it is best to window-shop at different home design or hardware stores in your area and consult for the costs.


One of the important factors of to consider is the safety of your staircase. Staircases with a landing are usually considered to be the safest. Although these types of staircases are oftentimes utilized in public places such as hotels, schools and hospitals, they can be great for the home too – depending on the interior design and space of your house. Some homes don’t require staircases with landings especially when the space available is small or when the upper level of the house isn’t that high.


Consider the space of your house. Do you have a small space or do you have enough room for a grand design? Choose a design that will not eat up a lot of space especially if your house is little. You can also opt for a bigger and more attractive staircase if your place is bigger.

Lifestyle and Needs

As the homeowner, you and your family members are the people who will use the staircases every day. This means that your situation needs to be prioritized as well. For example, do you have a baby in the family? Or do you have a senior who lives with you? Do you have little kids too?

These things need to be taken into consideration as you would want to provide comfort for yourself and your family as well. You wouldn’t want to choose a staircase that only showcases a fabulous design yet fails to provide convenience for you and your family. When choosing a design, have a discussion with your family members first so you can best decide which design suits all of your needs.


There are many types of material that can be used for making staircases. You can opt for wood, stone, metal or even glass. Modern homes often use metal or glass, while conventional homes go for wood or stone. Whichever it is you choose, see to it that the materials fit the overall interior design of your home. Also consider the durability of the materials – you wouldn’t want to spend a huge amount of money only to know that materials are in poor quality.

Staircase Design

Apart from the materials, you can also choose from the different staircase designs. There are various designs to choose from – straight, spiral or half-turned. The design you choose should depend home area and in the interior design of your home. A spiral staircase can be used to save some space.

Building Codes and Regulations

You have to abide by the building codes and regulations that have been set for your area. There may be regulations pertaining to the height and depth of your stairs. Before finalizing your staircase, make sure to look into these codes. This plays an important role in ensuring your safety.

Handrails and Balustrades

You may also need to consider some factors in designing a staircase with handrails and balustrades. See to it that these are sturdy and durable enough to carry tons of weight. It also needs to go along with the home’s design.

There are different staircase designs you can select from but it is not just the design that is essential. You also have to take into consideration functionality and safety. We do wish that you will be able to get the right staircase design for your house. If you are looking for contractors to help you build your staircase, remember we are always here to help!