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Accent walls are a great way to add some dynamic into the room and express your creativity while decorating the house. They are used to define the space and spotlight an architectural feature, artwork or some décor details. These kinds of walls are creating color flow, by using the same colors and finishes to contribute to seamless transition from space to space. If you want to create a striking and unique design element, there are some things you need to consider before you start with this endeavor. Follow the tips we will give to you to avoid any design failures, when painting the accent walls.

Adding Some Balance

If you do not want to paint the wall into some bright bold color, do not worry, warmer hues can also do the trick. As a matter a fact, this is an ideal move if you want to balance out an uneven room shape. Warmer colors are also making the space more inviting, by adding coziness and warmth. Because their main function is to make the room more welcoming, warmer colors accent walls are perfect for the receiving area of your home.

Creating the Illusion of Spaciousness

People are always trying to make their small rooms appear bigger. The safest way to go is to paint the room in light neutral colors (white, beige). Why play it safe all the time? In a recent conversation with highly-rated painters from Sydney I found out that you can achieve the similar affect by accenting just one of the walls with a cooler hue. That way, the accent wall will appear further and the whole room will look more spacious.

Determining the Visual Temperature

Deciding which color you will choose may seem as a simple issue. You just pick the one you like the most, right? Wrong. Accent walls should complement the natural light. Define the point of entrance of the sunlight, and choose the wall and build the color hues around that point. If your room is located on the north or the east side of your home, the quality of daylight is cooler. In that case, choose warm hued accent wall, to achieve balance. For the south and west located rooms, opt for cool hues.

Let There Be Harmony

With accent wall, you have to achieve the pop of color that will not swallow the whole room. Not every piece of accessory or furniture you have should be cluttered up against the accent wall. It is, after all, a decoration by itself. Make a coherent look by adding the same color accessories to the opposite sides of the room. When you are trying to achieve contrast, keep in mind that not all colors go well with each others. Try not to have too many different hues in the space.

Choosing the Wall

When determining which wall will be accent one, you have to find its special feature. Search the one where there is a logical reason for special treatment, when you compare it with other walls in the room. We are referring to dramatic architectural feature, such as fireplace, bookcase, artwork or an antique armoire. If you cannot decide, the easiest way to do it is to ask a friend or even someone who is visiting your house for the first time, which wall did he notice first? In most cases, that will be the wall with dramatic feature we have mentioned.

By following these guidelines, you will definitely achieve the desired effect, while avoiding any mistakes. After you are done with accentuating that one special wall in your room, use the accent wall to further inspire your décor endeavors. Do not forget, that from the moment that the wall is painted, you have to use it as a focus point and adapt the other decorations to it.




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