The light breeze is blowing while you are in your garden room reading your favourite book. In the cosy atmosphere of the winter, you are next to the fireplace watching the snow-covered garden. I bet these images entice you to start building your garden room this moment.

However, building and designing a garden room are two different things. Not being an interior designer yourself may be a problem. This is the reason why we came to the idea to help you design your garden room in a few simple steps. Not only does it save your money, but there is nothing more rewarding than the sense of accomplishment that you did something on your own.

Find a Perfect Door

In order to create the atmosphere we have mentioned at the beginning of the article, you will need a perfect garden room door. The usual choice is the combination of aluminum/timber/PVC and glass, but your selection with primarily be determined by the interior design of the room itself. You should also bear in mind that there are four main types of garden room doors: a bi-fold door, a French door, a corner door and a single door. Embrace the technology and opt for electric roller blinds for the ultimate experience.

Double-glazing Units

Double-glazing units are a perfect technique to keep a garden room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They have solar properties, which means that the sun’s heat is trapped in the glass during winter and that it is limited during summer. There is a possibility of using argon filling for windows and doors to maximize thermal performance. Another considerable advantage of this type of glass are lower heating and air-conditioning hosts.


Finding quality, comfortable outdoor furniture is one of the most important tasks you need to accomplish. Furthermore, your garden room should be part of your house, not only physically, but aesthetically, as well. If you are inclined towards using outdoor indoor furniture in your living room, synchronizing it with garden room furniture will be easy. If you have conventional indoor furniture, makes sure the colour and the style of the furniture are similar in both rooms. You can choose wicker, teak, aluminum, or wrought iron outdoor furniture.


Peripheral lights with no overhead lighting are usually used in rooms with a lot of natural light such as garden rooms. Hanging mirrors opposite each other is a clever way to increase the natural light. Make your lighting fixtures an integral part of the garden room design. It all depends on the style of the garden room, but you can opt for so many of them: from a wall light and table lamps to table lamp, or pendant lanterns down to adorable light strings in the shape of orchids, stars, hearts, etc.


What is a garden room without plants? You can find which plants are suitable for garden rooms here. The latest trend in garden design is ornamental grass you can place indoors, too. Find the focal points of the garden room including corners, shelves and mantelpiece for placing beautiful potted plants. Wall planters will make any garden room beautiful. You can also grow a sun-seeking climber next to your glass door, which can be both a shade and an organic accessory.

We hope we have given you enough information about garden rooms and that we inspired you with our interior design options. There are so many possibilities for designing that you will certainly enjoy doing it.

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