With all those lovely deciduous trees around your home that I keep telling you to plant, now is the time that a little bit of work is created when all those leaves fall to the ground or quite likely into the gutters.


The leaves on the ground make great mulch (that is what nature intended them to be) or rake them up and put them in your compost. The ones in the gutter must be removed and the gutters cleaned, it’s a good idea to give your gutters a clean with the garden hose just to make sure that leaves haven’t already blocked down pipes ( easier to do it now than when its pouring with rain).


If you have any leaks in downpipes or gutters now is the time to fix them mainly because they are easy to find. Also a great opportunity just to check all your drains and run off areas any paths or patio’s that need a clean get to it, we have had lot of rain this year and it looks set to continue.