As autumn approaches you need to make sure that your house is prepared for the onset of the bad weather that will follow. Regular maintenance will help prevent damage that may be caused by cold snaps. Though it can seem daunting with the work involved it is in your own interest to do it annually to keep your home in good condition at all times.

As the cooler months arrive one of the first jobs is to keep the gutters and drains free of leaves and debris. They can quickly become clogged with leaves and twigs and cause blockages to the down pipes and rains, which in turn can cause floods and prevent the water flow. You can buy special tools to clear the gutters, and are a good investment as you can do them yourself on a yearly basis. On the other hand if you prefer to hire help, source local businesses in the area and pay for a professional to maintain you’re guttering.

Heating is an important apparatus to check out before the colder temperatures appear. It is a good idea to call the experts to deal with this. They will check pilots, boilers, heating and pipes so it is worth the money. Though an extra cost having a service regularly will also help keep everything in good working order, as well as inform you of potential repairs and faults that may be looming. If you have an open fire make sure the chimney is clean and has no cracks or problems. It is easy for a chimney to catch fire so be prepared. Have everything you need close to the house so that you are not trudging through deep snow to the wood pile. Every day make sure there are adequate piles of kindling and wood in the garage or in the house.

Winter can bring the major problem of frozen pipes, which in turn cause leaks and floods. You should check all plumbing fixtures and fitting and pipes to all appliances in the home. Check for leaks and get them repaired. Also make sure they are insulated adequately to cope with the freezing temperatures that come with winter. If you have an outside toile or tap make sure they are winterized properly to prevent bursts. You may need to turn the water off and drain the system until the warmer temperatures turn up.

Check the exterior and interiors for cracks that may be in the masonry or gaps around pipes. Get them repaired before the cold weather as they could become worst by letting in more damp or cause mold. Check the roof and if there are missing tiles or gaps get them fixed. You don’t want a major roof repair in the middle of winter. The roof protects your home so make certain it is in good condition.

Check windows and doors for draughts and leaks. Look around your home from top to bottom and make sure it is all in good working order. Swap summer duvets, blankets and curtains for heavier and warmer ones to help keep in the warmth from your heating. Making your home cozy and warm will make the winter seem less daunting. Make sure you have anti slip mats at the entrances of your doors. In addition make sure you can access necessary products and tools that may be needed, such as snow shovels, spades, torches, lighter, gas lamps, scrapers and anti freeze for the car. Being prepared and having everything on hand can help if a dilemma arises. Make sure you have protective clothing, hats, gloves, boots and coats to deal with the onset of the cold.