Contrary to what it may sound, entering in cold bathroom in the morning will not wake you up, but traumatize your organism. Being aware of that fact will only delay the painful moment of getting up. Heating your bathroom adequately will free you of this torment. Because of its specifics, bathroom should have and usually has a whole different set of heating options. Spending a lot of money to warm up a small space doesn’t seem like a wise option. Luckily, there are ways of doing that without spending your entire budget. Here are few options.

Infrared Lamps

Heat lamps are a great source of heat which typically uses 250W incandescent light bulbs that are producing infrared radiation. They are producing rather satisfying level of warmth. In fact, if you stand underneath one of them, you can feel the pleasant heat similar to the one of the sun rays. It is perhaps the most cost-effective way of heating your bathroom. The parts are cheap and you just need to pay for hired electricians to run a power line to the electrical panel of your house. Otherwise, they are very easy to install.

Towel Warmers

Towel holders are useful accessories to any bathroom. When you add the warmth to the equation they even become necessary. Being one of the optimal bathroom heating options, towel warmers are ideal secondary heat source. The towels are not the place where the warmth stays. It is spreading throughout the room. There are two types of towel warmers: hydronic and electric. Additional perk of towel warmers is the very low price.

Space Heaters

Similar to towel warmers, hydronic space heaters have radial tubing construction. They are generating heat by running hot water throughout the tubing. Besides keeping your bathroom warm and cozy, space heaters are reducing moisture and humidity and preventing mildew. They are one of the most efficient ways of bathroom heating. Though they can save you the money in the long run, their installation can be quite costly. The help of a professional is necessary.

Radiant Floor Heating

Using the same concept as towel warmers, radiant floor heating is heating your bathroom from the floor up. It is placed underneath your bathroom floor to heat up those usually very cold tiles and consequently, the whole room. The materials used for installation are really affordable and the process itself is not difficult. It is possible to install water-heated tubing or electrically heated coils. Installing radiant floor heating will give you the luxury of never having “cold feet” again.

Bathroom Fireplace

As a relatively new trend in the interior design community, bathroom fireplaces are a good source of warmth and they add a special luxury feel to the whole space. You’ll want to stay in the bathtub for hours. Electric fireplaces are more affordable option then the gas and wood models. The materials are cheap, they don’t require additional remodeling of the bathroom and they don’t spend too much electricity. While they’re not offering the traditional “observing the flame” experiences, electric fireplaces are incredibly easy to install and they can be stylishly designed.

Additional Tips

Don’t allow your efforts to be futile by installing heating in your bathroom while not previously dealing with the insulation issue. Flooring, exterior walls and the ceilings must be well insulated. Also, if there are any cracks or seals should be taken care of in order to keep the hot air inside the room. Controlling moisture is, also, a major concern. Moisture control properties of the insulation will do the job. Before you take any step in installing the heating source, save yourself time, money and nerves, by checking the insulation and, if needed, installing a new one.

As bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, you should make it all warm and cozy place by installing whatever heating option suits you the best.