Smart Design Solutions for a Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are typical for urban dwellings, some older houses, and small properties where architects struggle to fit in everything by taking a few feet from this room. Now, if you are stuck with such a bathroom, you have two options: complain about it every day, or make the most of what you have. [...]

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Environmental-Friendly Home Cleaning

It is hard to count the number of toxins and chemicals that you get into contact with each day. This could be from cosmetics, food, air and home cleaning products. These chemicals are harmful and can lead to chronic illnesses and health conditions. It is important to take charge and reduce the amount of [...]

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Making Your Floor Look Elegant with Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the first choice today. Its durability, strength and low-maintenance features have made it very popular over the other flooring materials. The beauty and finish of polished concrete is just beyond what you can expect. A polished concrete surface is what reflects the high levels of light making the environment ambient and [...]

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Proper Ways to Clean a Natural Fabric Sofa

Furniture made of natural fabrics is far more comfortable than synthetics. But, let’s face it; nobody likes cleaning it. It is the price we pay for the amazing coziness of natural fabrics, that they are more prone to dirtying and staining. Everything would be a lot easier if it would be so simple to [...]

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