Make Your Home Scratch Free

There is no denying that parenthood carries endless joys. It is worth mentioning, though, that there are few responsibilities also thrown into mix, just to make things more interesting. One of them is surely finding that balance between allowing our kids to be happy and enjoy their childhood without unnecessary restrictions and keeping our [...]

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How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your New Home

There is no place like home. Nowhere else you feel that relaxed and at ease as at your own home. Although comfort certainly comes first, most of us want more – at least a hint of luxury. This sounds more difficult and costly to achieve than it really is. Don’t despair, you don’t have [...]

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Proper Ways to Clean a Natural Fabric Sofa

Furniture made of natural fabrics is far more comfortable than synthetics. But, let’s face it; nobody likes cleaning it. It is the price we pay for the amazing coziness of natural fabrics, that they are more prone to dirtying and staining. Everything would be a lot easier if it would be so simple to [...]

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Sustainable Lighting Solutions in Your Home

Let there be light. Still, simple, non-sustainable illumination won’t do much good to you or the planet in the long run. This is why staying on the green side of light is a better option than wasting energy on short-term, non-environmentally friendly and potentially even hazardous lighting solutions. To ensure lasting comfort, good health [...]

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Kids Bedrooms Decorating Guide

Every parent wants their child to live in a beautiful, creative environment. A child’s room provides a lot of opportunities to experiment with various design ideas. Here are some tips to help you arrange your child’s living space so that your children feel comfortable and satisfied in it. Boys If your child likes to [...]

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