5 Ingenious Ways to Rearrange Your Backyard

Don’t you feel that leaving your backyard as an unused space occupied only by weed and stuff you want out of sight is a waste of perfectly good space? You should be, because with just a little bit of effort, and few smart ideas, your backyard can become your private little paradise, where you and [...]

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Things to Avoid when Moving Home

  So you’ve bought yourself a new crib and you’re about to merrily move your furniture and gear into your future home-sweet home. Still, if not planned and executed carefully, your moving process can go terribly wrong in more ways than you could ever dream of – which is why we have several tips for [...]

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How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your New Home

There is no place like home. Nowhere else you feel that relaxed and at ease as at your own home. Although comfort certainly comes first, most of us want more – at least a hint of luxury. This sounds more difficult and costly to achieve than it really is. Don’t despair, you don’t have to [...]

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Proper Ways to Clean a Natural Fabric Sofa

Furniture made of natural fabrics is far more comfortable than synthetics. But, let’s face it; nobody likes cleaning it. It is the price we pay for the amazing coziness of natural fabrics, that they are more prone to dirtying and staining. Everything would be a lot easier if it would be so simple to clean [...]

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Adding Splendor to Your Outdoor Setting

The light breeze is blowing while you are in your garden room reading your favourite book. In the cosy atmosphere of the winter, you are next to the fireplace watching the snow-covered garden. I bet these images entice you to start building your garden room this moment. However, building and designing a garden room are [...]

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