Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Space

Life in Australia means plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors year-round, even in the southernmost parts when the climate drops to cooler temperatures. Outdoor living is a growing trend that is here to stay, with nearly 63% of Australian homeowners looking to make renovations to their outdoor space in the coming year, according to a [...]

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7 Ways to Spruce up Your Concrete Backyard

When we’re thinking about our ideal backyard, the image is far from a concrete surface, and much closer to lush greenery with shades, water features, rustic outdoor furniture and numerous plants. Wooden patios are also a seemingly interesting idea. However, people often decide to use concrete for this purpose because of its lower price range. [...]

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2016 Landscape Design Ideas

Garden design is without a doubt a creative and often innovative process, something that can completely change both the outlook and the feel of any outdoor area. What is more, it is a process that is both beautifying and content and quality improving, which makes it particularly inspirational for the designers, with new trends [...]

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How To Make An Inspirational Looking Garden!

If you have a beautiful garden, you know how important it gets to plan it well so you and your family members can spend some quality time together during weekends and holidays. If you know your preferences and purpose well, planning a garden should not be a difficult task for you. Those who are [...]

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Landscaping Tips For Creating a Family-Friendly Garden

If you’ve just bought a new house or feel that it’s time for a bit of a makeover then it can be hard to know where to start. But if you have a family and want to make your garden suitable for both children and adults alike then why not take a look at [...]

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