According to the EPA, out of the 26 billion gallons consumed in America every day, landscaping and other outdoor uses account for almost 8 billion gallons, or 30%. The EPA further explains that a typical suburban lawn requires a lot more water beyond the annual rainfall in order to survive and thrive. More specifically, such [...]

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7 Ways to Spruce up Your Concrete Backyard

When we’re thinking about our ideal backyard, the image is far from a concrete surface, and much closer to lush greenery with shades, water features, rustic outdoor furniture and numerous plants. Wooden patios are also a seemingly interesting idea. However, people often decide to use concrete for this purpose because of its lower price range. [...]

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What size structure can you build in your backyard without getting approval?

It can be very expensive to move house and many people struggle to afford it. Often, it makes more sense to carry on living at your current address and turn it into the home you really want. Making changes to the structure of your home, or building new structures on your property, is often a [...]

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2016 Landscape Design Ideas

Garden design is without a doubt a creative and often innovative process, something that can completely change both the outlook and the feel of any outdoor area. What is more, it is a process that is both beautifying and content and quality improving, which makes it particularly inspirational for the designers, with new trends emerging [...]

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Choosing Proper Tools for Your New Garden

Gardening is one of the best past-time activities that will soothe you, calm your nerves, give you a chance to get in touch with Mother Nature and, ultimately, provide you an opportunity to grow something out of nothing. Because of that, more and more people turn their unused back yards into gardens and spend their [...]

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