Things to Know Before Starting a Paving Project

Paved entrances to a house or additional paths in a yard are great improvements to the overall appearance and certainly add value to the property. Also, they are practical and the process of installing them is not too invasive and can be done within a reasonable deadline, without disturbing your everyday activities too much. However, [...]

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How to apply green architecture in your home?

With recent architectural and design improvements, a number of eco-friendly solutions have arisen and caused increased tendency for their application in regular households. Green building, as a sustainable constructional field, strives to provide highly comfortable and modern designed homes with minimised impact on environment, nature, and health. Apart from efficient usage of resources, waste elimination [...]

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How to Properly Prune Your Trees

Trees are living, breathing and, without doubt, remarkably beautiful organisms that stretch upward to the skies to harness the light of the sun and dig deep into the earth with their roots to nurture itself and grow. Their canopies decorate countless streets, cities - big and small, but besides esthetic reasons, there is a practical [...]

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Decorating a relaxing backyard haven – your escape from stress

The fact that we are living in extremely stressful times cannot be denied even by those of us who are super-Zen. Everywhere you look, there are events, people and obligations that are adding to the stress and making us forget all about the wonders of living and enjoying our short time on this planet. One [...]

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Sell Your Unwanted White Goods to Design Your Home Garden

Designing your home garden is both – challenging and interesting.  For some of us the process of designing and decorating our home garden can be quite overwhelming for mainly two reasons: cost involved and lots of hard work demanded. But, hey, where there is a will there is a way. Ever wondered how many white [...]

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