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Blocked Drain FAQ for Homeowners and Property Owners

The house owners are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the drainage passing through the property. The sewage company is responsible for maintaining the drains that run laterally. Keeping this in mind, the owners need to be very serious about maintaining the drains on a regular basis. They should understand that preventive maintenance is better than [...]

June 15th, 2017|Bathroom, Home Tips, Kitchens, Maintenance|0 Comments

Roller Shutters: Here Is What You Should Know!

A roller shutter is a common sight these days as the best home improvement idea.  It is also known as a roller door or sectional overhead door. A roller shutter is a type of window shutter that consists of a series of horizontal slats placed close to each other that are hinged together. While offering [...]

June 15th, 2017|Home Tips, Maintenance, New Homes, Renovations|0 Comments

Fix The Top Four Signs Of Leaking Balconies

It is essential to give special attention to every part of a house and a building. Neglecting even the smallest issue could lead to serious problems. When it is about concerns that are usually ignored by house owner during the early stage and pose serious threat in the later stage include leaking balconies, which is [...]

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Why Choose Coloured Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen?

Splashbacks are sheets attached to the wall of kitchens in order to give due protection from stains. In general, they are installed above the basin area in order to cover the wall. The concept regarding usage of glass splashbacks is gaining popularity as they prevent accumulation of dirt, thus, maintaining the grace. Benefits of Coloured [...]

June 15th, 2017|Home Tips, Kitchens, Maintenance, New Homes, Renovations|0 Comments

Give A New Look to Your Kitchen with The Mere Replacement Kitchen Cupboard

The kitchen of every house is the most rapidly used space by the residents, as they cook their daily meals and in many households, they even dine all together here. So, the kitchen wears out faster than the other rooms of the home, giving rise to a shabby appearance within only a few years. However, [...]

June 15th, 2017|Home Tips, Kitchens, Renovations|0 Comments