Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tips after a Home Makeover

We’ve all been there – you decide to give your home a few, small upgrades but have tons of debris, dust and clutter to deal with, once renovation is over. Thankfully, there are ways to make cleaning after a home makeover budget-friendly and as stress-free as possible. And no, we don’t mean rushing to [...]

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Taking Your Outdated Bathroom to the Present Day

Updating your bathroom usually includes two parts: redecorating it and installing new fittings and fixtures. The first part is often quite simple – just lay out new tiles, repaint the tub and add a few decorations here and there – but the second requires more time, patience and effort. However, the end results will [...]

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Why is Stainless Steel Balustrade the Best?

Balustrades, or call them stair stick, are an important part of stairs that not just enhances safety, buy also transform their appearance in a good way. Whether you are building a new house, office, or repairing it, balustrades are always included in it. As they are an integral part of the stairs, it is [...]

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5 Reasons To Opt for a Green Home

Building a green home is one of the best things you can do not only for the environment, but also for yourself and your family. Going green can make a positive effect on many aspects of your life. This includes your health, finances, comfort - even your community can also benefit from a green [...]

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Comparing Apples with Apples

One of the most important factors when you’re looking for a builder and having your new home quoted, and it is usually one of the biggest mistakes that most people make - They do NOT compare Apples with Apples. What do I mean by this! When you’re in the process of receiving your quotes, have [...]

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