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Japandi, Escapism, Greenery and More: 2017 Interior Design Trends

It’s 2017 now, and we can finally say goodbye to the treacherous mirrored-furniture, woven wall hangings and other unappealing trends that have marked 2016. Now, we begin from scratch. True, some things we saw last year, like organic bathrooms and black stainless steel in the kitchen, will continue to grow strong, but we will also [...]

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Security Screen Doors: How to Make the Right Choice

It’s been proven many times that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In terms of the security of your home that means that every single entrance needs to be as safe and secure as possible. This doesn’t mean we need to turn our homes into bunkers, but we should probably [...]

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Various Kinds of Roller Shutters Used for Homes!

Do you want to get something that can help in protecting your home? Well in that case, one of the ideal choices is roller shutters. This kind of shutters operates by rolling up and down. The shutters are fitted on to the both sides of the door or windows. Roller shutters are mainly used in [...]

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Mounting Soundproofing Doors to Live a Peaceful Life

These days, houses have become very noisy. Whether it is the sound of noisy neighbors, crying kid outside, flights or a plane landing at the nearest airport, it has become very challenging to spend a day in complete peace. It is true that paper thin walls and doors are the major cause of extreme noise [...]

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5 Interior Design Rules Worth Breaking

Not all rules are made to be followed religiously, especially when it comes to creative industries such as interior design. In fact, some of the biggest No-nos of home styling fare far better when ignored, bent, or broken – and if you’re a diehard décor alchemist at heart, you can twist design conventions at home [...]

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