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What to Bear in Mind during a Home Renovation

Many would argue that a bit of irrationality is unavoidable when the house is being renovated. You have to make decisions, sign contracts and put up with dust, noise and change of routine for many months. It can be a pretty rough time for families with young children, that’s for sure. But, the truth is [...]

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Tasmanian real estate ‘robust and active’

With Australia’s cheapest housing, solid investment returns, and increasingly optimistic outlook, I remain positive on the direction Tasmanian real estate is heading," says REIT President Tony Collidge. Tasmania recorded the highest number of quarterly real estate sales since March 2010 during the June quarter according to The 2016 Real Estate Institute of Tasmania's June Quarterly Report. Hobart [...]

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How to Make the Best Use of the Outdoor Blinds

When it comes to window treatments for your home, blinds are great solutions. In fact, the outdoor blinds can not only serve a great purpose, but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. They are made of wide varieties of materials ranging from PVC, bamboo, jute, steel or aluminum. Most of the [...]

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How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your New Home

There is no place like home. Nowhere else you feel that relaxed and at ease as at your own home. Although comfort certainly comes first, most of us want more – at least a hint of luxury. This sounds more difficult and costly to achieve than it really is. Don’t despair, you don’t have [...]

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While Deciding On A Straw Bale Housing

Have you thought of alternative housing? Do you look for a house option which stands out of the modern building cannons, can be DIY, and is capable of providing you efficient insulation and all modern comfort you need? Then consider obtaining and building a straw-bale house, which may be exactly what you are looking [...]

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