Clarissa Leary is a passionate business owner in Tasmania, who quickly grew her online and consulting business worldwide.   Clarissa has worked and trained with some of the most Influential Entrepreneur’s around the world and rapidly increased her personal wealth and development through strategic strategies and experience.  She is well known for her passionate drive and awareness of how your own personal learning and awareness can rapidly bring increased business success, in the meaning, that if you teach yourself you will be rewarded in business and life.  She travels regularly for business and with family and hires the best experts in business from around the world.

www.clarissaleary.comClarissa started her life from living in the housing areas of Hobart to owning a rural retreat.  She disliked school and quickly realised that she didn’t want to continue on that learning path.  From a childhood trauma that shattered her personal growth right up to her late twenties. A complete life change after the birth on her first child, gave her a reason for change, seeking out as much information on her first business venture of property investing and then personal development books and cd’s.  She ventured into her first property, which she still owns today as a rental, this brought on a passion that still grows now.  She loves property and has made many successful deals of rentals, renovations, new homes, strata’s, subdivisions and even moving houses.

She then started looking for that next edge in business and found that in the online world, from affiliates, stores, websites, this has taken her to building an expert team of online website development and lead generation experts.  This is the business that she wanted so she can continue with her traveling and business ventures.  She became financially stuck in this business for a while, with no movement, feeling overwhelmed and trapped.  From half way around the world, an entrepreneur emailed her for a joint venture, as it turned out, she worked with her for Clarissa’s business, turning the tables to being totally focussed and clear on her brand, strategies, goals and purpose.  From there, with all her experience and knowledge of business, previous training in coaching, she began writing and consulting people around her in her circle of influences, she found that she enjoyed helping others, seeing them grow and succeed.  She realised that she was passionate in helping others in business, as most business owners where stuck in their business and she is helping them take their business to the next level.

Clarissa’s high end consulting firm Eagles IV Pty Ltd is a professional organisation with Expert Consultants and Mentors that will help you create your own personal growth, development and rapid business success from strategies that are creative, highly tuned and branded.

Working with our team will achieve growth in:

  • Business Growth and Increased Profits
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal Growth and Awareness
  • Lifestyle enhancement
  • Leadership, Relationship and Team Honor
  • Business Management Development