Nowadays, modern kitchen designs do more than just incorporate seamless design and visual appeal.

Also taken into account is the achievement of both maximum efficiency and minimal clutter.

While achieving all of the above might seem like a tall feat with a space that is limited, nothing can be farther from the truth.

Build the kitchen of your dreams with the following brilliant space-saving tricks in mind.

Opt for functional space-saving appliances

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When it comes to home appliances, bigger does not always mean mightier.

Nowadays, there are a lot of small appliances designed to carry out what their seemingly mightier and bigger counterparts can pull off.

To save on space without compromising style and functionality, opt for small space models. Not only are they handy, they can also help reduce clutter and even cut on unnecessary electricity costs.

Mount hangers on the wall to accommodate more utensils

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Do you have an empty wall that is just begging to be used?

Oftentimes, many homeowners see their walls as the ideal venue to unleash their creativity.

In line with this, do not limit your wall accessories to just artwork or calendars. Take full advantage of the available space by using it as a storage space for your utensils.

Apart from the visual appeal it offers, it will also make the things you need very accessible.

Build in everything that looks bulky


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Bulky kitchen items that take up a lot of space can be substituted with smaller ones.

However, you have another great way to approach space dilemmas.

Integrate appliances with the same depth as your cabinet from wall to front edge. Your refrigerator, microwave and stove are the best candidates for this trick.

When a kitchen renovation is in order, consider this trick a must, especially when working with very limited floor space.

Install pull-out storage spaces


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When conventional kitchen designs are not feasible because of space constraints, consider having pull-out cabinets installed.

A slim and tall slide-out cabinet can be incorporated even in a very limited space so this is one concept you will find highly beneficial.

Another smart idea you can look into is integrating pull-out drawers in your islands. Ensure it is at least two times the average length of an ordinary cabinet. This will leave you with a space large enough to store your big pans and bowls.

Demolish walls and doors


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Doors and walls can make any room appear more cramped than it actually is.

Create the illusion of a much bigger space by going for an open floor plan that will connect the kitchen to the room next to it. This will allow space to flow into the rest of the room, making it appear bigger in the process.

Also, consider adding more life and character by keeping the following decor golden rules in mind.

A kitchen does not always have to be spacious to be ideal. As long as you know how to make the most of what little area you have, you can have a space that is visually appealing as it is functional.