The fact that we are living in extremely stressful times cannot be denied even by those of us who are super-Zen. Everywhere you look, there are events, people and obligations that are adding to the stress and making us forget all about the wonders of living and enjoying our short time on this planet.

One of the best things to remind you of this and provide you with the relaxation that you need, is a backyard nook where you can shut the world out and enjoy your solo time or time with friends and family. Here are some tips on how to design the perfect backyard haven.

Find the right spot

Depending on how large your backyard is, you will have more or less choice when it comes to finding the right spot for your little nook. A corner is always a good choice. Many of us have those nasty garden corners that we, for some reason, look away from and forget all about. Organize an afternoon and clear it up. Before you know it, you will have the perfect spot. Another great choice is under a tree, if you have one in your garden. It will provide you with shade and much more. But we will get to it.

Think about the right furniture

Your new garden haven is going to need some furniture, both for sitting down (or lying down, why not?), as well as for other activities. A few comfortable chairs, perhaps wicker ones will do the trick. You can also spend some more money and buy a swing of some kind. It is crucial that your garden furniture is as comfortable as possible. In addition to the sitting arrangements, you should also think about putting in a table where you can snack, engage in hobbies or simply use to put things that you need for relaxation. The good news is that you really do not have to spend a fortune on these, you can even go DIY with it.

Organize a shelter of some kind

Another very important thing to keep in mind when organizing and decorating your backyard haven is shelter. Not all of us have the luck to live in areas where it is sunny and warm 24/7 all of the year. You need to think about putting up some sort of protection for rainy and snowy days. For example, you can get yourself an affordable pop up marquee that you can later decorate and include in your decoration efforts. Or, you can spread some sheets or something similar if your nook is under a tree.

Why not make it romantic

The best thing about your new backyard haven is that you can share it with your loved one and make it the romantic spot of your home. Put up some gentle lighting, a few vases with your favorite flowers and perhaps put in some sort of sound system where you can play your favorite music or soothing sounds. Before you know it, your new haven is going to become the perfect place to spend your romantic moments; as well as family ones.

Sit back, relax and let the stress disappear

The only thing you are left with is to start enjoying your relaxing backyard. Do away with all the distractions of the modern world and let the peace and calm come over you. Soon, you will notice how everything is less stressful and how your life has slowed down substantially. This is something you just cannot put a price on.


Leana Thorne is a tech freak who also knows how to relax with a good book. She is learning new stuff about home décor every day and she is always ready to share her insights with others.