There are not that many moments in a person’s life that are as liberating and as exciting as moving onto their first student apartment. Many students do not end up in dorms and they rent out apartments that they will be using at least for some time. This is the first time you get a space that is just yours (even though you might share it with a roommate or two) and it is a moment that spells freedom. You also have the freedom to decorate and set up your student apartment any way you want.

  1. Go second-hand

You will most likely not spend the rest of your life in your first student apartment and it is far more likely that you will be changing apartments within the first year (for any of the innumerable reasons). Also, for most of us, student years are not when our wallets are exactly bursting with money. These are both reasons for you to go second-hand with most of the furniture in your new student apartment. Let’s not also forget about the fact that student apartments are not the tidiest and cleanest places in the world – another reason why you do not need new stuff.

  1. Make it yours

This is your place, the first apartment that you will be decorating yourself. This means that you need to make it yours and there are tons of ways in which you can do this. Even if you do not dedicate a lot of time and effort into decorating it, it will organically become yours, through days of not tidying up and being a slob, in general. Still, it will be more yours if you do take some time to decorate it, paint it the colour you like, put in pictures and posters, spice it with some details that will be just yours. Let people know who you are with a bit of home decoration.

  1. Keep it simple

There is no reason to go out and turn your student apartment into this lavish mansion where you will have elephant tusks on the walls and leather chairs that cost thousands of dollars. You want to keep things simple and airy. The first reason is that other students will come over from time to time and you will only worry about them knocking something over or spilling something on your snowy white carpets. Keep it toned-down and natural.

  1. Organize your study area

The point of being a student is to actually learn something and this will involve quite a lot of studying, at least ideally. It is therefore essential that you have an area that will be at least to an extent secluded and where you will be able to sit and study for hours on end. It is best to get some quality ergonomic office chairs that will provide you with sufficient support and help you study for as long as needed. Also make sure that you have the proper lighting.

  1. Set up a rest sanctuary

We do not have to tell you at lengths about the importance of proper sleep for your health. When you are a student, healthy sleep and sufficient sleep is essential. You need the time to rest after long nights out and you need to be rested because of your studying. No matter what the rest of your new student apartment looks like, make sure you have a resting area with a comfortable mattress where you will be able to feel absolutely relaxed and where you will want to sleep.


BIO: James Burbank is a home décor blogger who also likes writing about healthy and green living as well as other things that pique his interest. A father of two and an NBA fan.