For most people, their backyards are like a personal sanctuary for them. It’s where they often sit and contemplate about life. It’s where they relax, walk around, and where their kids usually play. It’s where they hold barbecues, dinner parties, and any form gatherings. With that, it’s important that the backyard looks nice. It shouldn’t be marred by something big, such as a huge water tank.

Just try to imagine this: you’re planning to show your garden to somebody and once you do, the first thing that will catch his attention is the water tank. Let’s face it, water tanks are often essential, but they can also be a serious eyesore. They’re huge and bulky, that they can make the space look crowded. Likewise, even if they aren’t old nor rusty, they still out of place for a beautiful yard.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways on how you can solve this problem without spending much money at all– by concealing your water tank. This will often depend on one’s personality, style, and most of all, the look of the backyard. A lot of people work to keep their tanks hidden, without actually hiding them. Likewise, there are some who would rather decorate their tanks and turn them into something more personalized and artistic.

Cover It Up

One of the best ways to hide the water tank is by simply covering it up. For some, they like to stack several palettes vertically over the tank itself to cover it up and apply paint after.

In a short amount of time, probably days or weeks, vines will start growing over the palettes, which will add a bit of decoration on the tank. Some people enjoy painting their water tank a similar color to its surroundings. This gives an illusion that the water tank is part of the surroundings. A good wooden frame can be used to cover up the metal works of the tanks, and it’s a great technique for those who are looking for a quick fix. It

There are also those who love to decorate their water tanks. In fact, some people even make it a family affair, where every member of the family is allowed to paint on the tank, turning it into a conversation piece. Aside from being fun, this can be a form of bonding for the whole family. Some people like to use small tiles to make decorative mosaics, while some prefer a different medium. Just be creative and there are a number of things that you can do with your water tank.

Turn It into a Garden Piece

Perhaps, one of the best ways to cover up a water tank is to cover it up with wonderful decorations. Considering the fact that the water tank is located in the backyard, the best thing you can do is turn it into a garden piece. There’s a lot of gardening ideas that you can try, and one of the most popular ideas is by turning it into a small gazebo with wood covering and flowers blooming all throughout.

Nobody wants a hunk of metal distracting people from their garden or their beautiful lawn. This doesn’t look right at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artsy type, or you just want to hide your tank. These ideas will inspire you to turn that eyesore into something lovely.

If you lack of creativity or need more ideas you can visit this site or browse images on Pinterest. I’m sure you will find something to implement in your backyard.