Electricity is something that is often taken for granted, and yet an essential component in the lives of individual homeowners and business owners alike. Having electricity to power air conditioning, heating, cooking, laundry, and to provide lighting are just a few examples of electrical uses.

Since electrical products are used daily, and seemingly so common to most people, it’s easy to forget just how dangerous electricity can be if not used properly.

Electrical Safety Tips in Homes

Electrical accidents in the home normally occur because simple safety steps are overlooked. When dealing with any kind of electric appliance or gadget in your home, safety should always come first.

  • Before cleaning an appliance or electrical product, be sure to turn it off and then unplug it. Moreover, when unplugging an item, hold the plug itself rather than pulling on the cord.
  • Check the cords on older electrical appliances, but do not attempt to repair these yourself. Doing so could lead to an electric shock.
  • If you have cords that are long, make sure they are not tangled, as this can cause them to overheat and lead to the surface the cord is on to burn.
  • Lamps may seem harmless, but they can cause serious injury including electrocution. It’s vital to turn the lamp off and unplug it from the wall socket before changing light bulbs.
  • If you use a power board, as many people do in their homes, be careful not to plug too many items into it. This can overload it, especially if you are plugging in large appliances.
  • Many people use blow dryers and other electrical items in the bathroom. Ensure these items are kept away from water, such as sinks or tubs. When finished using these products, turn each off, unplug it, and store it away from wet surfaces.

Electrical Safety Tips in Businesses

  • Many businesses use larger equipment that is powered by electricity. It’s important that each piece of machinery is turned off and unplugged before everyone leaves for the day.
  • Train employees on the importance of overloading circuits or outlets, doing so could lead to a fire. If you plan to use an extension cord, it should only be a temporary solution because these can easily overheat.

When to Call for a Professional Electrician

Electricity is used daily and because of its commonality, it is easy to think of it as harmless. However, many accidents could easily be avoided in both the home and in businesses by taking extra precautions.

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