Epoxy floor coating can make your concrete floor incredibly durable and attractive, making it ideal for commercial properties and public areas.

Below are just some of the benefits you can obtain from using epoxy coating.

  • Anti-slip surface

Epoxy coating provides an anti-slip quality to your floor. This is due to the composition of the coating where it creates a surface with high traction. A floor applied with this coating has a texture similar to sandpaper. Anti-slip epoxy coating is highly recommended for commercial kitchen areas. It can also be applied on building entrances in order to prevent accidental slippage when it rains.

  • Increase durability and hardness

Epoxy coating contains a resin and hardener substance. Combining the two can create an incredibly strong bond on a molecular level. Applying the coating on your floor will bond the two substances to create a protective surface. This creates high resistance against heavy foot traffic which makes it suitable for public areas. Another benefit of the coating is how it can increase the productivity of transport vehicles in warehouses. This is due to the minimum amount of friction produced by the floor. The reduced friction can minimise the tearing of the vehicle’s tyres. The coating can also provide it more traction.

  • Moisture resistance

Moisture and humidity can damage almost any type of flooring. This is especially true with timber flooring as wood absorbs more liquid than other type of material. When left for a long time, timber materials exposed to moisture can warp and bend.

Applying epoxy coating on a timber floor can give it a moisture resistant surface. This can give your flooring a longer lifespan and prevent it from wearing down due to the elements. Furthermore, the coating can make your floor resistant against dirt and dust. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.

If you are not comfortable with adding epoxy coating to wooden floors, there is an easy way for you to apply it:

1. Sand the surface of your hardwood floor. Thoroughly clean it afterwards.

2. Apply a coat of epoxy on the surface. Let it dry and cure for about 36 hours. It is also recommended to check on the epoxy product to determine how long you should let it dry.

3. Apply another coat of epoxy and let it dry again.

Following the procedure above can give your timber flooring a good epoxy coating treatment.

  • Enhanced floor aesthetic

Concrete and some tile flooring options can have an unappealing look. Epoxy coating can make them much more pleasing to look at. The coating creates a glossy surface which can easily bounce light off the surface. This can even help you increase the brightness of an area without using too many light fixtures. There are also epoxy coatings with various colours to match the design you are after.

With the benefits mentioned above, you should be able to make a clear decision on having epoxy coating applied to your property. They can make your floors attractive, durable and safer, so get started today!

Author:  Sam Cleveland was formerly a Home Design Consultant but now a Blog Enthusiast who writes for Choices Flooring in Perth. He’s also a nature-lover and often takes time traveling or camping at least once a month. Nature can give you freedom and a priceless beauty.