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The most modern and elegant décor for outdoors nowadays most often includes fiery elements, either for practical reasons or just for the aesthetics of it. Such elements include fire pits, grills, and fireplaces.

Fire pits

If you consider outdoor fireplaces blatant, a fire pit is a good solution. They provide a steady, though small, source of warmth but their subtlety in design make them perfect for various décor combinations. For homeowners who believe they cannot build one of their own, fire pits are available in most outdoor furniture stores. However, if you feel up to the task, to build a fire pit is not a tremendously difficult task. Due to the heat that a fire pit creates, it is better to build them on ground. First, dig a hole in approximately a meter in diameter and 15 centimeters in depth. Mark the edges with cardboard before pouring concrete. Make a smaller cardboard ring for the inner circle. Pour in the concrete footing between the rings. After the concrete has dried, line up firebricks (these can withstand higher temperatures), and dry-set them to the footing. Firebricks should be in line with the inner circle. The rest of the space will need to be filled with regular bricks or natural stone. Use a concave joiner to smooth the joints. Now all that is left is for the material to dry out. Place the garden chairs around the pit and enjoy


Fireplaces are an extraordinary idea you need to consider when planning an outdoor living room. Before approaching this task, consider the best positioning, building codes, and the size. As opposed to fire pits, fireplaces are more complicated to design and build so better consult with professional that specialise in home building and renovations services. Additionally, because of safety reasons, only the specialists can provide you with a project that up to the standards and regulations. Before the consultations, inform yourself on types of fireplaces. The trendiest styles include Mediterranean, traditional and modern. The cost itself varies depending on how much customising you require the contractor to do. The best advice is to keep it simple since the sole idea of having an outdoor fireplace is extravagant enough.


Whether you want to have an outdoor kitchen or just a nook for occasional barbecue, an outdoor grill is a great asset. There are several types of grills available on the market. Gas grills are best for cooks who want their cooking to be clean and fast. The downsides are the cost and the flavor. Gas grills do not provide the rich charcoal flavor that is irreplaceable. If you search for that smoky rich taste, then the charcoal grills are the deal for you. The disadvantage is that this method of grilling is time-consuming, for it requires a lot of cleaning ant the grilling itself takes long. People nowadays opt for electric grills as they can be used either indoors or outdoors. This is the perfect solutions for people living in cities and they are prohibited from having and open fire. The drawback is, again, the flavor.

Final word

Use the above mentioned options only as ideas. It cannot be stressed enough that some things must be left to professionals. When in doubt, always consult local home renovators. You will lower the stress and ensure the faster completion of your projects.

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