Please all your senses Most would argue that decoration is only for the eyes, however, if done well, all your senses will be indulged in savoring the fruit of your labors. The key is to keep everything in the room energized, as if the whole room wants to come alive. Dormant rooms will only pull you down to become sluggish as well. You need to focus on what makes you going and use that when decorating to motivate your whole room to make you dive into a sensory nirvana.

Focal points in every room For every room it is important to create a focal point, a place where you first lay your eyes when you walk into that room. The focal point can be anything ranging from a fireplace to a precisely set rug, the idea is to decorate around the focal point and use it to create unique styles. Moreover, refreshing it often will only make it more interesting and pleasing to the eye. Depending on your mood, and on the current season, it is possible to decorate rooms accordingly so that it will reflect the current trends. But be careful not to overdo it, while an extra coffee table might be a good idea in certain places, a new sofa would be just overkill.

Complement the style of your house Although it is you who sets the style, you will still have to take into account the style of your home. Remember that mixing two completely different styles might yield interesting results, but more often than not it will end disastrously ruining every aspect of your decoration. It is possible to mix different styles, but only in small doses so that you do not tip the delicate balance of styles. Decorating in accordance with a general big picture will help you stay focused and not get lost in personal wishes.

Less is more Sometimes even cleaning up, or moving furniture can help you make a drastic stylistic change that will change room decoration in a positive way. Also, adding too much can sometimes ruin the overall deccor as well as the mood of the room. Keep it simple and clean, that is the best way to keep good decoration.

No such thing as a small room Yes, there are small rooms, but deccor-wise it would mean that you will have less work to because you do not have to cover a lot of surface and you can get extremely creative to transform a small room into a practical little room with lots of utilities. Even a simple paint job will do the trick to freshen up your little room and to give it a nice feeling whenever you walk into it. Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. She’s a fan of home accessories, especially modern rugs with colorful patterns.

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