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What can instantly turn your day from dreadful to lovely? A long, hot bubble bath in dimly lit bathroom with your favorite music playing nearby. Bathroom is one of few places in a home where every little detail can tell a story of wealth and luxury: every tap, every tile, every towel…

Silk-clad serenity

Silk curtains on brass handles, marble floor, turquoise walls, and lovely orchid placed in porcelain vase give this space its Zen aura. Instead of opting for typical clawfoot tub, look for wrought iron one, and find a chandelier that matches. Large mirror is necessary in any bathroom, but having a motivational message or a lovely image engraved on it will make the beginning of each day much better.

Marble, plaster, and crystal

With your bathroom looking like something made to please the emperor Louis the 14th, you will feel like royalty yourself. Marble floors, plaster columns, and a vanity with crystal handles don’t need too much details. Velvet curtains with tassels will make sure your bathroom always has soft, natural light, and there is simply no other choice when it comes to lamps and lights than to have a crystal chandelier casting miniature rainbows all over the place.

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Vintage Boho bathrooms

Items that look like they have been brought back from other decades can give the space the air of timelessness. Genuine vintage clawfoot tub with matching taps from Victorian era, and lace curtain embedded with glass beads to soften the light coming from the window will transform the space completely. Shelves of wrought iron and intricate metal-and-glass lanterns hanging from the ceiling make the bathroom look like bohemian oasis.

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Dark, modern, and delicate

Incredibly stylish bathtub with matching sink made of porcelain with pattern imitating crocodile skin blend in wonderfully with dark brown walls. Floor is made of combination of laminate and brown tiles, and several small LED light in the ceiling are perfect lighting solutionsthey cast soft, yellow light everywhere and warm up the space. The entire wall opposite the bathtub is covered with large mirror, and modern design silver taps with sharp edges match well with soft edge silver vase. Who would have thought that bathroom in shades of dark brown can look this good?

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bathroom design by Team Eric Kuster

Small and luxurious

Even when bathroom is not very spacious, it can hold incredible amount of luxury and style. Typical shower curtain can been replaced with lovely cotton one hanging from the ceiling, and simple white sink and tub can both have vintage taps which look like they were transported from the 19th century. Delicate crystal chandelier has light bulbs shaped as candles, the wall behind the sink is covered floor-to-ceiling with a fog-free mirror, and glass shelves hold not only shampoos and soaps, but ornamented brass boxes and aromatic herbs.

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By investing significant amount of money to create a luxury cocoon out of your bathroom, you will ensure that even in the decades that come your guests and friends lose their breath upon looking at your masterpiece.

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Zoe Clark is a home decorator from the land down under. You can find her blogging at Smooth decorator.