Insulating your home is a very important aspect that you should consider if you are thinking of moving into a new house or apartment. Insulation is used mostly for energy efficiency, for reducing the rate of heat transfer, and sometimes even used as acoustic insulation (for reducing the intensity of the sound). It is quite important to know why you are insulating your home, and even more important to know the exact places where you should insulate your house. Here you can find out where insulation should be installed in order to make your home more comfortable.


The first thing to consider when installing insulation is to add it to the foundation. The foundation is the most important part of the house; if the foundation is faulty, nothing else will function as it’s supposed to. Properly insulating your foundation is crucial for several reasons, and should be done before backfilling. This is important, because it could not only prevent insect and pest problems, but also issues with moisture and radon infiltration.


There is a lot to consider when thinking of adding insulation to your walls. There is a big difference between remodeling an old apartment, and building a new house from scratch. When remodeling, the best solution is to insulate your home is with blown-in insulation. Also, you could try two spray foam or wet spray cellulose insulation. Otherwise if you are building anew home, try using structural insulating panels or insulating concrete blocks or forms. They are used for increasing the R values on the building.


Properly installing insulation on your ceiling will help you spread the temperature evenly throughout your whole house. The best type of insulation to add for the ceilings is foil-faced bat insulation. This is mostly used for cathedral types of ceilings, and homes without an attic. You should know that these kinds of insulation could get pretty expensive, so perhaps you could consider insulation grants. These are funds that the government has set aside that are completely free and non-repayable.

Basement and Attic

If you are moving to a new building, first check that the basement has been previously insulated. Sometimes you need to install interior insulation, and that could get quite costly. Some of the best types are definitely blanket insulation’s, foam board insulation s, and loose-fill insulation. When it comes to the attic, make sure to seal every air leak and complete all the repairs. Batt insulation offers the best coverage (if installed properly). Loose-fill insulation is a great choice, but it is more expensive than other options.

Ducts and Slabs

The main reason why ducts are insulated is to reduce energy loses. The proper way to insulate ducts is in conditioned space in the arch way. For slabs, it is best to install interior insulation first as it will provide more termite resistance. The best type of insulation for slabs is definitely foam board; by installing it against the exterior of the slab, and footing or just under the slab.

Insulating your home properly is the best way to save both energy and money. This is probably the most practical (and effective) way to make your home more energy efficient. It also provides protection against cold and harsh winters, as well as hot and steamy summer. It is used as a barrier to both heat loss and heat gain. This is why proper insulation is known to save you tons of money on your energy bills. This is the best way to make your home more comfortable, and also keep your family healthy.

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