Whether you have a carpet or a rug at home, it is imperative that you keep them clean because if left unattained, they will attract dirt and dust, creating a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of diseases. To prevent any build-up in your carpeting, you have to be diligent when cleaning them, also you have to do this on a regular basis, otherwise cleaning will become more tedious and a hassle.

Time to learn

For the average carpet owner it is the easiest to call a carpet cleaning service and they will take care of everything. These services range from simple cleaning to high pressure cleaning, but no matter which way they do it, your carpeting will be clean and you have one less thing to worry about. However, it is time that you learn what lurks under your carpets: dirt, dust, mites. Even though you might keep a clean home, your carpets are an open invitation to more dirt.

However, there are a number of things you can do in order to keep not just your carpeting clean, but your home as well.

Start simple and small

Everyone likes fun doormats! If you pick the right one, they will bring a smile to your face, but besides being an interesting decor piece they can also help you keep your carpeting clean. Just by having a doormat will significantly reduce the amount of dirt and dust that you bring into your home.

Vacuuming daily

Vacuuming daily is important if you wish to prolong your carpets life. Furthermore, by cleaning the dirt off daily, you will have lest to clean when you plan on having a big carpet cleaning day. Also, vacuuming helps clean dirt before it sinks deep into the carpet and you need to use something harder to clean it.

Spills no more

If it is possible, clean up spills immediately. Your carpet can be a perfect spawning pool for future bacteria if you do not clean spots and spills immediately; water and damp will damage your carpet. Be careful with products that claim that they can clean your carpet, not all of them can and most of the products will only damage your carpets.

However, look for either cleaning products, recognized brands only, that will enable deep carpet cleaning. It is essential to do this kind of cleaning from time to time, to extract bacteria and dirt. If you are unsure whether you can do it, it is perhaps better to call a professional carpet cleaning service.


Just because your carpet looks does not mean it is completely free of bacteria. Especially the ones which cause bad odour, for that reason it is good to deodorize your carpets from time to time. And if you can, look for enzymatic cleaning products which can eliminate the sources of the bad odours.

Restoring your carpet to its previous glory is possible if you groom it after a deep cleaning, you would be surprised how good your carpet can look after a good grooming.

Author: Sophie Andersen is an interior designer, based in Australia. She’s dealing with house cleaning for the last few weeks, so if you’re living on a Gold Coast and you’re looking for a good cleaning service she highly recommended¬†Total Carpet Clean.

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