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Wine lovers treat their precious and adored liquid in proper conditions, paying attention to light, temperature, bottle angle, and humidity. If you have just found the right place for your wine and started setting up the place for your wine collection, there are things you should know about picking up the right wine rack. It is an important wine storage element which adds up to providing optimal storage conditions and your overall home design.

What you should do before starting a wine rack hunt, is deciding where to put it. People usually put it in the living room or kitchen. However, these rooms do not give ideal wine keeping conditions, due to fluctuations in light intensity and temperature. The best places in the house where you could keep it is under a concrete staircase or in the basement. Optimal humidity and low temperatures is what your wine needs, otherwise it can be ruined before you even get to open it.

How big is your wine collection? Are there only a few bottles of foreign made vino that you bought on your trips, or can they make a proper wine cellar? Bear in mind the quantity of wine and types/shapes of wine bottles in your collection. If the assortment keeps getting larger, your best pick is a standard rack, with a bit wider openings, for they can take in various bottle dimensions and volumes of wine. A great shelter for all of your Rieslings, Chardonnays, Merlots, and Cabernet Sauvignons.

Wooden and metal wine racks are the most common, although they come in a range of different materials. They also vary in quality. The low-end wooden rack versions are made from softwoods, such as cedar or pine, while sturdy wood types (mahogany and redwood) are reserved for prime quality shelves. In a recent chat with the people who own and operate a chain of bottle shops in Sydney, CBD, it was brought to my attention that regular bottles will fit and be securely accommodated in a metal rack construction. Metal wine racks with nested holders are better and safer for keeping heavy bottles, while wooden racks look more visually interesting.

Construction Quality
What you need is stability, for only a stable wine rack can guarantee you a good night’s sleep without worrying about your bottles falling down and breaking into pieces. Low-quality racks’ are not that stable, so you should not hesitate to invest some money for a good wine rack. There are solid and sturdy wall-mountable and free-standing wooden rack units, outfitted with horizontal stabilizers and bottle holders.

A Cooler, Perhaps?
If you do not own a large quantity of wine, and your needs are modest, maybe you should revise your plans. Instead of buying a wall-length rack, consider buying a wine cooler for displaying your collection of several wine bottles. It will provide better and more stable conditions than regular shelving, and it is perfect for you who live in a hot climate zone. However, if your wine collection is big and diverse, than opting for an equipped wine cellar is surely the best choice.

Storing other beverages is easy, you just place them in the fridge, and when you open the bottle – the drink is good as ever. But storing wine is more difficult, for wine is a more complex drink. What contributes to the nature of the drink is its chemical and artistic complexities. No matter if you own only a couple of bottles, or are a major wine aficionado, you need a quality rack. Make sure you consider all the factors (and there is a lot to keep in mind) that affect your wine’s quality and flavor.


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