When you want to make the most of your kitchen, every inch counts. If you have the luxury of deciding how to space out your furniture and units, it’s worth giving it a try. What is essential to know is that every item in the kitchen has an assigned place and should be spaced accordingly so that you can use the room at its best. When planning your kitchen’s layout, there are several important measurements to take, such as the distance between your counters and the top shelving, the width of the landing area and the walkway, the height of the microwave and many others. Why is this important? Because it will ensure ease of access to your kitchen appliances and all the possessions; allow more work space; and make your kitchen more functional.

If you are wondering how to design your kitchen the right way, check out this article. You will find out all the essential information you need right here. Keep reading.

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The dishwasher should be positioned near the sink for obvious reasons. In that sense, it shouldn’t be placed farther than 36 inches away from the sink. This will allow optimum use of the appliance.


The standard height of the sink should be between 29 inches and 36 inches. If it is higher than that, washing your hands or the dishes will be very difficult and any other kitchen activities will be greatly impeded.

Landing area

The minimum width of the landing area should be 18 inches.

Distance between wall-mount cabinets and countertops

The distance between wall-mount cabinets and countertops should be about 15 inches to 18 inches, roughly speaking.


Whether you are going to place your microwave on the countertops or on another surface anywhere in the kitchen, keep in mind it should be positioned a little lower than your shoulder; 3 inches or so are fine.

Depth and Height of Countertops

The standard countertop depth is 25 inches. The standard countertop height is 36 inches, but you can adapt it to meet your needs. If you are more than six feet tall, you may consider buying bigger and higher countertops, but the standard should work for you too. If you are replacing your old kitchen, take some time to measure your existing cabinets and countertops before you have them uninstalled. This will help you select new.

Kitchen Island

If you want to include a kitchen island, make sure sure it is positioned about 30 inches away from the pendant. As for the height of the island, opt for 36-inch to 42-inch units.

Upper Cabinets

The standard for the upper cabinet depth is 12 inches. It should be able to hold those kitchen items which you use less frequently.

Walkways and Work Aisles

A work aisle is that free space where you stand while cooking. To make the food preparation process easy and comfortable, you need at least 45 inches of space between your work area and your kitchen units or walls.

The width of the walkways should be 36 inches and more.

One last thing to consider when designing your kitchen is the materials you want to use. Not only do you need them to be durable and attractive, they have to be easy to clean, HouseCleaners N6 remind. When spacing out the kitchen units, be sure to include enough space to make cleaning easy and effortless. You want to have a beautiful, functional and easy to manage kitchen. For optimum results, consider all the aspects of the kitchen layout before you start the project. Good luck!