Living in a new home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your vision of the cool retro space. You can incorporate retro designs into your space for a look that is funky and not dated. Adding retro prints to your walls, decorating with retro accessories and recovering retro furniture with modern fabric are excellent ways to blend the old with the new. It’s best to start with a color scheme and style in mind for each room, as having too many bold colors and patterns in one area can overwhelm the space and make your home seem smaller than it really is.

Below we’ll outline some tips on how to spice up your current living space with the ever popular retro style in mind.

Choose A Focal Point:

When you’re going for a retro style in your home, it’s important that you choose one or two pieces that will be the focal point in each room. In the living room, many people choose the the TV, fire place or the lamp as the focal point in the room. These large items are obvious focal points, but they may not be the best choice for you. Instead, it might be a better idea to make the display units as focal points. In the 60s these display units were used to lay out the coniac, crystal glassess, and record players. Keeping within the retro style, this would be a great focal point. To add to further draw attention to this particular focal point, you might have the cabinnet/unti against the wall and a great Andy Warhol preplica paiting above it. The tip here is to keep a similar flow throughout the space, although focal poinst are important, it is improtant that the whole space “flows” and keeps to the same theme/stye.

Add a Geometric Accent Wall:

Few design opting say 1960s and 1970s like wallpaper in a bright, geometric pattern. The problem is that having print on your walls can easily overwhelm the space. Pick a pattern that you love, but only put the wallpaper on one wall of the room. The other walls should be painted one of the colors in the design, preferably one that is soft or muted. It’s best to avoid dark colors, as they are likely to make the room look gloomy instead of inviting.

Use Retro Accessories:

If geometric wallpaper feels too bold, consider painting the walls a neutral color and using accessories to create your retro look. If you don’t have the right accessories to create the look you’re going for, consider shopping at antique stores and asking relatives if there are any old decor items they’d like to part with. Look for things like clocks, mirrors, funky pillows and retro dishes. You may even find amazing artwork that fits your style perfectly. It may take a few months or more to find the right pieces for your home, but be patient and eventually you’ll find pieces that fit with your decor and make your home look unique.

Refinish and Recover Retro Furniture:

Sometimes you find the right pieces in the wrong colors or prints. Because vintage pieces can be hard to find, consider making a piece right for you with a coat of paint or a different fabric. You can even take curvy retro furniture and recover it in modern leather so that it looks both modern and retro. If you’re not handy enough to feel comfortable refinishing furniture yourself, consider shopping at the many furniture stores that sell new furniture with retro lines and retro fabric. They may know someone that can help you create the exact pieces you want in the fabric of your choice.

When you’re choosing retro styles for your home, make sure that every piece makes you happy. This is your home and it should be a place that reflects your style and showcases the things that you love.