Landscaping Tips For Creating a Family-Friendly Garden

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If you’ve just bought a new house or feel that it’s time for a bit of a makeover then it can be hard to know where to start. But if you have a family and want to make your garden suitable for both children and adults alike then why not take a look at some of the suggestions below. As with just a spoonful of imagination and a dollop of hard work you can transform your garden into something that is truly memorable. And with some of the handy tips below it won’t even have to cost you a fortune.

Firstly, when you want to design a new garden landscape it is important to plan around the things that you can’t change. So if you want to plant a blossoming summer flowerbed then make sure you place it somewhere which gets a good helping of sunshine. Similarly, if you want to make a shaded play area for the kids then try and ensure that it’s placed beneath some large trees or in a relatively sheltered area. This can really help your children to make the most of the garden space even during the hottest of summer days.

Secondly, it is also important to weigh up the cost of any changes that you want to make. For instance, if you have a sloped garden and plan to have a flat garden then your budget will need to be increased. Garden fences, patio’s and decking should all be put out for quotes while you can try and take cuttings from wild plants to grow in the long-term to try and save some money. Making the gardening fun for your children can also really help to save on any labour costs, so get those wellies at the ready and prepare to teach them about the wonders of garden life.

Thirdly, planting a vegetable garden can really help to get the kids involved and creates a fun educational activity for them to get really involved. Seeds can be bought at great budget prices and with a little bit of garden maintenance they can really take off. If you don’t have the room then herb gardens are a great alternative along with unusual or colourful flower displays. Having a good variety of shrubs and plants can also encourage a variety of wildlife to visit your garden, so keeping a track on what you’ve spotted is another great activity for the kids.

Fourthly, as most kids love to play out on the lawn during the wet and dry days, picking a hardy turf is essential if you are to keep your lawn in some sort of shape. So if you’re getting any new turf laid ask a landscape gardener Chelsea what lawn type would suit your family best so that your kids can play football or tag for as many hours as they like. Picking a hard-wearing turf can also save you money on your ongoing lawn maintenance and can save you from shelling out on any future lawn replanting.

Finally, don’t forget about achieving a balance between the kids and the adults. If you give the kids a fairy tale lawn, a treehouse and a fun wildlife trail then don’t forget to put in a simple patio or decking area where you can keep an eye on them and start to relax. A garden should be a place where all the family can have fun whether it is a sunny summer’s day or a rainy winter break. So no matter what your budget is make sure that you plan and pick your garden style with care as whatever you decide now should remain in place for many years to come.

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