About Magic Tools

Our Vision

Our vision is for adults and children around the world to have the opportunity to develop their spiritual and emotional intelligence.  To have access to the insights and tools to remember that anything is possible and that they can choose to create happy and amazing lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to profoundly help adults and children increase their spiritual and emotional intelligence through our empowerment coaching initiative – spanning our local community, Australia and the world.   To help them create happy and amazing lives!

Our Values

  • To live the ideals and teachings we offer to others
  • To live with an “abundance consciousness”  – everything we dream of we can create
  • To trust that the journey will take us where we are meant to be
  • To be true to ourselves – authentic and compassionate
  • To always think and act with openness, acceptance and respect for different ideas and perceptions
  • To embed love, passion, fun, flexibility and ease into our way of being and working

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