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Our Promises

aren’t a strategy to get your business.

We mean what we promise

We put things right if we let you down.

Then we do a little extra to make you happy.

We promise to build your home like we’re building it for ourselves. Actually, we are building it for ourselves. Our entire reputation is based on what we build and we’ll do everything we can to protect that reputation. And we’ll be here to help you with EVERYthing from finding the land and advice on sustainability, to landscaping design and investment strategies… if that’s what you want from us. We’ll never forget who we’re working for… you decide what you want from us secure in the knowledge that we can help in many, many areas… and that we’re mature enough to step back when it’s outside of our expertise. Oh… and again, if you aren’t happy with what we’ve done for you… we’ll put our gardener to work for you.

We promise to answer the phone when you call us… even if it’s at 2am. OK, let’s be sensible here. We’ll do our level best to get to the phone in time when you call, but we do guarantee to get back to you the day you call at the very latest. We’ll always call you back the minute we are free. Communication is key to a hassle-free build. Real people communicating, not an app or answering service. if you aren’t happy with our communications, or you believe we’re let you down in any way when your project is complete, or even during our free three months post-build maintenance service, tell us and we’ll send one of our people round to do half a day in your garden. Working… not just standing there, that would be weird 🙂

We promise to say thank you when you refer us to your friends and family. But we don’t think the words alone are enough. So, we won’t say it with flowers. We won’t say it with a movie pass… or two… not even four. We’ll say it with cash… to spend with our selected suppliers… and it’s more than a pocket full of change. We want you to know that when we say thanks, we mean it… really mean it.



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