Outdoor design is just as important as indoor decor. It tells your neighbour a lot about you. But to design and remodel your patio you will need help from professionals, some tips and of course the desire to treat yourself with an upgrade. Also, one of the most important things before you get started is to get a permit for you renovation project. You do not want to face fines.

The idea

The work you are going to do depends on the purpose of your patio. Is it going to be your personal retreat? Or are you going to use it to invite friends over when the weather is nice? This determines the scope of your work and the quantity of material you will need to execute the remodelling. The best idea is to browse the web for some great ideas or to consult a local home renovator. You might want to sketch your ideas and consult with a few contractors for a quote on the job. This will give you a general idea on how much money you need.

Tear it all down

The old outdoor elements need to be removed. This requires special tools and more man-power than yourself. If you need more people to do the de-constructing as well as reconstructing, call the professional builders or maintenance people from a well-established home improvement firm. Next, you have to get rid of the big pile of rubbish. When I do remodelling, I search for a cheap company in Sydney that deals with rubbish removal, who can take it all away at a good price.


After you put your ideas on paper it is time to realize them. Start with decking. Decide on the type of wood you would like to use. There is a wide range of deck material types such as the ones made of wood (treated timber, western red cedar, Atlantic white cedar, etc.) or if you want to be environmentally aware you can use composite lumber which is a combination of plastic, wood fiber, and a binding agent. Be sure to take into consideration the maintenance of the material you use. Decks made of wood need seasonal maintenance such as periodic sealing, staining and even reinstatement of the material in some parts as it ages.

Paint or Stain?

Decide which technique fits best your vision, painting or staining. Staining allows the beauty of the wood to show, while the painting protects the wood but you lose the original wood look. No matter the technique, you have to clean the wood surface first. You can use power washers to clean the decks but be careful with the pressure so you do not damage the wood. The next and final step before either painting or staining is to sand the surface.

Greenery and furniture

The final touch to your remodeling process is to give life to your new patio. What I recommend is to include some plants and flowers. Climbing plants are always a good idea, but it takes time for them to fully cover the part of your patio you wish to decorate. If you have patience, this is the best choice for you. The other option is to place several planters and choose the most appropriate plants for outdoor growing. Furniture is maybe the most difficult part of decor selection you will do. The chairs and tables come in all sizes and shapes. What is advisable is to focus primarily on the durability of the furniture as it has to stay outside.


Derek Lotts writes about general home improvement. Lately, he has been preoccupied with environment and likes to incorporate green solutions in his writing. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the interent to achieve betterment. In his free time likes spending time in nature with his wife.