Proactive Drain Cleaning: Avoid Nasty Blockages When You Least Expect Them

Thorough, routine drain cleaning is the only way out to prevent regular or prolonged drain blockages. Keep reading to find out some effective tips that’ll help you do it right by yourself!

Drain lines are highly prone to common issues like hindered water flow, leaks and blockage, for lots of stuff goes down them daily. But when these problems are an every-day event, you need to find a plumber in your area to come out of such an unusual situation.

And if you want to save repair costs, regular DIY proactive drain cleaning will be of great help.

Here is how:

Opt for Stable Drain Block Solutions

Most drain cleaning solutions that you find on grocery stores are ordinary and often go down the blocked pipes. You should go for them only when there are small drain issues, particularly with a kitchen sink or tub. But when the problem is major, you should visit a home improvement store.

Use Plumbing Snakes

These flat pieces of metal having a shaped end are one of the most effective ways of handling bigger drain issues. Since they come coiled at different lengths, you can use them to unclog the drains at almost all corners of your home. These tools are commonly used by professionals for clogged drains and drain cleaning.

For example, if you need to enter the drain by removing a toilet seat, a plumbing snake will make it easier. You can also use one at an outside drain location, including directing it back towards the home or street in case of blockage in a major sewer line.

Get the Right Augers

If you have to clean or unclog a big pipe, a power auger having various head attachments will be the right tool. But if the culprit is a small sink drain pipe, a hand auger will do.

Author Bio

The Mathhew Harriden isa plumbing and cleaning expert at AussiePlumbers helping homeowners with his tips and guides on drain blockage and other plumbing issues.