Designing your home garden is both – challenging and interesting.  For some of us the process of designing and decorating our home garden can be quite overwhelming for mainly two reasons: cost involved and lots of hard work demanded. But, hey, where there is a will there is a way.
Ever wondered how many white goods all of us in Melbourne buy? Some of those goods end up being hardly used or unused. Why don’t we sell our unwanted white goods to the ones who really need it, and, whatever money we get by selling we can use that money in designing our home garden.

Make some money by selling your old car!
Gardening has the magic of helping you relax after having a gruesome day. It is a lovely feeling to see bright colored flowers right there in your garden, and, the sight gets better if it’s sunny outside. Some of us do gardening because it works as a therapy for us. It helps us to be more focused and detail oriented. However, the last thing that you would want to distract yourself from this beautiful sight is your old car lying right there next to your lovely plants and flowers.
I know some people try to hide their old broken car by planting some plants and flowers over the car everywhere. They despise the site of a broken old car that can be officially termed as junk.
What you need is an old car removal company that takes away your junk to a place that it deserves, and, certainly your garden is not the right place to park it. You are a garden aficionado and your energy should be directed towards ideas that beautify your garden. Let the old car removal company do their job of handling your broken car.
The good bit of giving away your broken car is that you might even make some money out of your used vehicle. Even if your car is not drivable, you may still get lucky and make some money out of it. Direct that money in decorating your garden!

Channelize your ideas towards recycled scraps
If you fancy designing your Melbourne based home garden by using scrap materials then recycled metals and crafts is ideal for you.
There are indefinite ways to decorate home gardens, but, instead of spending extra money to buy expensive artifacts, there are better and eco-friendly ways to design our gardens.
You can push your creativity to a whole new level by creating magnificent outdoor gardens with the help of recycled items. Recycled items are eco-friendly!

  • Using recycled metal frames

Isn’t it wonderful to re-use your old metal bed as a piece of art for decorating your home garden? Before you decide to throw away your “useless’ old metal bed in the junk, stop and think wisely. Your old metal bed might come handy for decorating and beautifying your garden.
Did you know that you can use recycling metal bed frames for creating flower beds in your garden? For certain plants especially shrubs require thick and firm soil, and, for them you can create stable beds by using recycled metal bed frames.
These recycled metal bed frames that otherwise many of us throw away can instead be also used for multiple unique garden decorations.
Why spend money behind buying flower pots for your garden? Instead you can use wooden boxes filled with fertile soil and having these recycled metal bed frames on it for decoration would give a fabulous look to the flowers. Some skilled gardeners even turn metal beds into spectacular flower beds. The world of imagination is vast, and, you can think of many creative ways to use recycled metal bed frames. You can use those metal bed frames as amazing pieces of decorations.

You need amazing levels of patience and dedication to make your dream garden look phenomenal. Firstly, try to imagine what your dream garden will look like and then research on ways to make that dream turn into reality. Read books and magazines on gardening, talk to experienced gardeners in your vicinity and attend workshops to upgrade your gardening skills. Do whatever it takes to beautify your garden because nothing will matter more when you and your partner will be sitting in your beautiful garden over a cup of tea!

A person of varied interests, Ellarich is an avid tech fan. She loves everything from mobiles to cars to innovations. She’s worked as a car removal company for a few years and has also gained first hand experience with car service in Melbourne. She loves to write and share her experiences with a wider audience.