If you think that the bathroom is less important room in your home than, let’s say, bedroom or dining room, remember those busy mornings when all the rout is trying to squeeze their 10 minutes in the same bathroom before they are off to work or school. Sure, you are not going to give visitors to your home a tour of the bathroom, but nonetheless, this is a room that has to be functional and comfortable. And most importantly, green.

Got Mold?

Mold is not something you shouldn’t accept lightly. Layers of mold are actually colonies of live microorganism that can cause many health problems. Some people are allergic to mold spores, while in others they might lead to more serious problems like asthma attacks or respiratory infections. However, mold is relatively easy to remove and prevent from growing back. Those colonies thrive in humid and warm environments, so you need to deny them those two conditions.

How to Remove It?

The easiest way is to have a properly-sized bathroom window that you can open after the bathroom use for ventilation. Aside from reducing the humidity and heat, the window also lets more sunlight inside that can help in drying the wet surfaces. If you live in a condo, or you don’t have the option to put a window in your rented home bathroom, invest in a good ventilation fan or connect the bathroom to your apartment ventilation. In the end, you should keep the bathroom doors open whenever possible.

The Toilet Issue

This is a topic that is not eagerly discussed, but a toilet has its purpose, and it is indispensable part of any bathroom. However, no matter how hard you try to keep it pristine, it will always be “dirtier” than the rest of the bathroom. No one can tell where the spraying that results from male urination will end. This considering, it is always better to isolate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Unless you want to build a wall around it, you can just move it from other fixtures such as sink or the tub, claim the people at a reputed Sydney-based plumbing service.

Cut on Wasting

A classic bathroom is somewhat of a water hog. So much water can be saved if we only turned the faucet off when brushing our teeth. And this is nothing compared to prolonged, hot showers. If you add a leaking toilet and worn out shower valve to the equation, the amount of water that is wasted is equal to having one more family member. Apart from changing your habits, inspect the faucets for leaks and if it is feasible, install a system that will use accumulated so called “grey water” from the sink and shower.

Banana Floor

As Nelson Mandela once said, “One can slip on their principles like on a bathroom floor.” Or was it a banana peel in question? One way or another, there are more chances that you will get injured in bathroom than in any other room. To make your bathroom floor safer, throw a couple of bathroom rugs or install non-slippery standing areas.

By applying some of these bathroom upgrade advice’s, you won’t only improve your bathroom, but also the quality of your life. If you are not completely confident in your plumbing skills it is always better to consult or even hire a professional plumber than be sorry.
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