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If you are looking to freshen up your life and introduce some changes, a good starting point would be your home. Here are some simple tips that won’t cost you much money and make your home look more modern and interesting.

Cover the Floors with Rugs

Uncovered floors can leave the impression of a cold home, so consider getting rugs for each room including hallways and even the kitchen. Pay attention to the colors and design you choose to ensure a balanced interior. You don’t want your home looking like someone randomly put different elements together.
The best effect is achieved with floor covers that have highlighted textures and warm colors. Modern rugs are also a great choice, they come in various shapes and designs, but people usually go for the round ones.

Adjust Paintings and Pictures

If your artwork is placed too high on your walls, your home may look cold and sterile. If you want to make your pictures, photos, and paintings a part of your interior, set them in the height of your eyes, or just above.
Modern interior designers considered this to be the optimal height. But, before you hang them up, do a little experimenting with the layout. You don’t want them just hanging randomly with no sense of composition. First, align them on the floor. It’s easier to switch them around when they are down than when they are on the wall. Then, once you find the combination that best suits you, put them back up in the right height.

Experiment with Cushions

If your furniture looks monotonous, the room will look cold and boring. The best solution for this monotony is colorful pillows and cushions. Arrange them on your furniture so that they contrast its color. Pillows and cushions in earth shades such as brown or dark yellow will make your home warm and cozy.


The right use of lighting will make your interior look noble, whether it’s your living space or work space. Before you reach for your wallet, you should know that the discreet light of floor lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps creates a much warmer atmosphere than the overly direct light coming from chandeliers and other ceiling lighting elements.
However, not all lamps have the same effect. Pick ones with golden yellow lampshades because they give off a warm glow, make the room look more sophisticated and create an overall better mood. Put taller lamps in the corners of your room. Little table lamps go in the living room on tables and low dressers. Wall lamps look excellent in bedrooms next to the bed, where they give off a discreet, dimmed light.

Choose Noticeable Details

Sometimes, a small but noticeable detail is all it takes for an entire room to look fresh and more pleasant.  You can achieve such an effect by getting an orange table cover for your dining room or a smaller one for the coffee table in your living room. Also consider flower vases or fruit bowls colored in interesting earth tones. These are just some examples, so find something that best suits your style.

Author:  Sophie Andersen is an interior designer at RugMaster, a rug store based in Sydney. Sophie is always searching for a new, fresh decor ideas and she loves to share her tips and tricks about interiors.

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