Spring Car Cleaning and Organizing Tips for the Garage

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“Spring Car Cleaning and Organizing Tips for the Garage”
The harsh winters do take a toll on you as well as on your car. It is probably the toughest season for your car with salty roads, cold temperature and general neglect.  Give a new sparkling look to your car as the bright sunny days of the spring are approaching. Here are a few tips for the spring car cleaning.

Wash The Car Thoroughly
Using a good car soap and liquid wax to wash your car regularly helps give life to the body and paint of your vehicle. Scrub the bottoms of the doors and the window channels properly.

Vacuum The Interiors
Take out the floor mats and wash the car floors by moving the seats forward and backwards to reach under the seats. Vacuuming the seats thoroughly will help remove the dirt thoroughly.

Check The Tyres
It is advisable to keep a separate set of tyres for winters. In that case, change the tyres into the summer pair. It is the bottom part of your vehicle that is worst affected and need the major cleaning. Use a bucket  of sudsy car soap and a long handled wheel brush. It is important to address those hard-to-reach places between the spokes, which may require some serious scrubbing.

Get The Car Serviced
The rough winter season is difficult for your car and leaves it with a lot of wear and tear. Getting your car serviced and making it fit and smooth for summers is advisable. Car repair and servicing will make sure the mechanical and electrical systems of your car are working well.
Leaving your car on the road after spring cleaning would not be a wise decision.  For most of us, buying a car is a five figure investment we cannot do without.  Unlike our home, we normally tend to ignore our garages and use it more like a storehouse. How about cleaning and organizing your garage this summer? To make this activity all the more interesting, try and involve all the family members.  Here are a few tips to help you organize your garage:
•    Get a few tarps or sheets to place your items in order to clear the place.
•    Once everything is out, sweep and wash the floors and walls. It is a good opportunity to paint the walls and give it a clean look.
•    Decide on how to place your things according to the priority of use.
•    If you think you are not going to use any stuff that has been lying there for long, it would rather be better selling it off.
•     Arrange all the like things together eg.  All the sports items should be clubbed together, tools and spare parts can be put on one side and so on.
•    Using quickly constructed shelves or cardboard compartments help you store your stuff safely and in a more organized way.
•    Map out your space and create zones. You can map out the space for everything including your car.
•    Using large studs in the walls to hang bicycle and extension cords and pegboards to hang tools would save you a lot of space.
•    Find a place for each category of stuff that matches the space required.

Make use of these tips help you organize your garage creating more usable space resulting in less cursing and better harmony.

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