Your kitchen may be the most frequently used room in your home. It’s often the hub of family activity. If your kitchen needs a little updating, there are a variety of ways to enliven the decor and update the prominent features in your kitchen without putting a strain on your budget.

Sparkling newness

A really thorough cleaning of your kitchen can instantly spruce it up. The consistent and often hurried activity in the kitchen may cause you to overlook some of special cleaning projects such as a detailed cleaning of the refrigerator, stove and sink. Your appliances will look brighter and more attractive when they are sparkling clean.


As you clean certain areas, such as the sink, you may realize that after years of use, your sink simply can’t be restored to its original beauty simply by cleaning. Faucets tend to wear as time goes by. Replacing your sink and faucets with an updated stainless steel sink, which are build to last and perform well year after year, and newer faucet style could be the first step in updating your kitchen.


Replacing kitchen cabinets can be a budget-breaker. However, you can update and alter the appearance of your kitchen cabinets in a variety of budget-friendly ways. You can paint your cabinets in a more updated color. If you are fond of the open front cabinet design, remove the door from a few of your cabinets and paint the interior an eye-catching color. If open-front is too reveling for you, you can remove the door and replace it with frosted glass or a wire front. Don’t forget to update the hardware on your cabinets doors and kitchen drawers. Small changes can make a dramatic visual impact.

Kitchen furniture

If space allows, you can add an island or possible a kitchen cart to your kitchen. This will provide more work space, storage space and possibly a small eating area. If you already have a kitchen island, updating the stools is a good way to spruce up the kitchen. You may want to purchase new stools in an updated design or simply change the color or upholstery of the stools you have.

Adding a bench, free-standing cabinet, small work desk and chair, sideboard or a minimalistic accent chair to your kitchen can enhance the beauty and increase the functionality of your kitchen.


Replacing your kitchen floor may not be a project your budget allows. However, you can update the kitchen floor using a peel and stick floor covering. There’s an abundance of options available. As an alternative to that idea, you can add some colorful, attractive accent rugs to your kitchen.


Adding or updating a kitchen backsplash is an affordable and easy project that can make a big difference in the atmosphere of the kitchen. Choose something completely different from what you currently have to increase the visual impact of the backsplash.


Regardless of how many or how few of the previously mentions ideas you implement in your kitchen updating project, the one thing you want to be sure of is that the updates are noticed. Replacing outdated lighting will immediately enliven your kitchen. Choosing specific types of lighting can showcase some of your other updating projects. You might want to add illumination inside of your open or glass front cabinets. Under the counter lighting makes a kitchen look more spacious. The lighting over an island can make that area a more impressive focal point. Choose lighting designs that complement your new decor and express your personal decorating style.

Get a little help from nature

Let as much natural light flow into your kitchen as you possibly can. This makes the atmosphere of the room more lively. Adding some plants, especially a collection of herbs, will increase the beauty of your kitchen.

You can brighten up your kitchen and bring it up-to-date in design without breaking the budget if you implement some or all of the previously mentioned ideas.

Image source: Flickr