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There are some things we

simply refuse to do.

And what we won’t do probably says more about us than the things we do.

We won’t just get the job done, then wash our hands and move on. It has to be done right and we stay involved until you’re happy that we delivered what we promised.

We won’t go to ground when something doesn’t go to plan. We have systems in place to ensure the communication lines are always open. When something changes, we’ll let you know.

We won’t surprise you with our charges, we’ll tell you what you’re up for before we start… and we’ll let you know if we encounter something unexpected, before it costs money.

We won’t charge you every time you call us. If you’re confused or need information, we haven;t done our job well enough. We’re here to help… and we do that by building houses in a way that reduces the stress to you… and for us.

We won’t ever make excuses. We will give reasons… we will take responsibility and we will put things right.

We won’t go to ground if something goes wrong. We we’ll be there with a solution… and we’ll be available 24 hours a day by phone if you need us.

We won’t charge you to visit your site and discuss your project. We don’t start charging until we know what we’re doing and you know what you’ll be charged for.

We won’t employ contractors who might let you (and us) down. Every staff member is employed by us.

We won’t ever forget that we’re working for you. Every one that we work with knows that they’re really working for you… We pay them of course, but we pay them with your money and they’re all very aware of it.